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Candy Mac


Candy Mac grew up in Oklahoma and married at 16. Candy had 2 girls by age 19. Candy married her childhood sweetheart. People knew him as Tony Mac. Their lives changed drastically due to Tony’s drug and alcohol use. Tony committed second degree murder and he was sentenced to 30 years in Prison. Candy stood on scriptures and placed her trust in the Lord. She never gave up on him. She believed in God’s power to move in her husband’s life. She took her stand and prayed daily for the Lord to get a hold of Tony. Candy had been saved at a very early age. She has a love and faith in the Lord that carried her through the hardships of being married and a single mom at the same time.


Tony and Candy's daughters were about 5 and 6 years old when their dad was put in prison. Candy traveled with her girls to several prisons in the Oklahoma Correctional System. For 15 years that was her life. Everyone told her to leave including her husband but she would not give up on God’s ability to move.


In 1996, Candy’s mom passed away of Cancer and for the first time in her life she hit rock bottom. She pleaded with Tony to be there for her. His response was getting in trouble and on lock up. Tony was respected and feared in the prison system and he didn’t handle guilt well.  Yet God had another plan. He placed Tony in a cell with a true believer in Christ and he was able to lead Tony to the Lord. Tony was forever changed and he and Candy would go on to serve the Lord as a team.


Candy has one resounding message, Hold on to the Lord and He will show up.

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