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Our Mission

Free in Christ Ministries is a ministry that is passionate about sharing God’s Hope, Peace, and Love. The ministry team works with men and women who are former and current inmates of the prison systems. The ministry is dedicated to educating the public and young people about the consequences of making poor life choices.


It was founded by Tony "Mac" McMullen who was a former inmate. FIC is a ministry that believes in second chances. It is vital that we share the Gospel and assist people in reaching their full potential in Christ. The ministry provides resources in the form of food, clothing and transportation. Whenever asked, the ministry team will travel to any church, youth group, boys home, school, ministry, or other community facility to share our story and mission.


We hope to influence and inspire people to make correct life choices with God the Father as their leader. The ministry has CDs, DVDs, Flyers, and other media to assist in our mission.

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