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Free in Christ Ministries has a Board of Trustees which governs and oversees all aspects of this ministry. We are blessed to have a dedicated group of men and women who support and guide the ministry’s activities. They handle all business of the ministry in order to allow Candy to concentrate fully on God’s call to minister to prisons and others. All activities and all expenditures of money are designed to give God the Glory for the work that is done here. The work is bathed in prayer. Our hope is to further God’s Kingdom as well as, encourage brothers and sisters in Christ.

Candy "Mac" McMullen


Jerry & Freda Hamlin

Jerry:Chairman of Trustees

Freda: Trustee

Jim and Pat Raymer

Jim: Treasurer

Pat: Trustee

Michelle "Mac" McMullen



Tom Lawson


Les Little


Kathy Stanphill


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