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Tony Mac

Tony “Mac” McMullen grew up in Oklahoma. He was married at the age of 17 and fathered two girls (Michelle and Mickey) by the age of 20. Tony’s life changed when he began using drugs and alcohol. This lifestyle eventually cost him everything including a close friend’s life and his freedom.

Mistaking his friend for a rival dealer, Tony shot and killed him. Tony received 30 years in prison for 2nd degree man slaughter. Tony had a reputation where many feared him and he commanded respect. He was known for his bad disposition.

God had another plan! Through a wife who never stopped praying and believing in God to intervene and many miraculous events in prison; Tony finally found the answer he was looking for.  He found the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the freedom the Lord offers His children. Tony was transformed and obedient to the Lord’s calling for his life. A ministry was formed and as a result, lives are being forever changed for the Glory of the Lord.

Tony was released from prison in January of 2001.  He and Candy traveled across the United States sharing their story and impacting men, women, and youth for God. They host several prisons in Oklahoma. The prison services are attended monthly by men and women who are currently incarcerated.

Tony was called home to be with the Lord on May 30, 2016. Tony’s physical work was finished on earth but his spiritual work is still having a large impact through his testimony on CDs and DVDs.

The gap left behind in Free in Christ Ministries is being filled with many men and women who have already been serving the ministry, with Tony’s beloved wife Candy as its leader. FIC will continue the work which the two of them started. The FIC team will continue to visit prisons, speak where they are led, and touch lives within the ministry.

If  you have a need or would like to contact Candy, you are encouraged to send an email at

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